2019 Christmas Creations

Starting a business in December can be quite challenging as the holidays are typically a very busy time thereby making it difficult to touch on the many business related tasks that may be needed to start generating sales.  We decided to stay away from online sales, and related shipping processes, to instead focus our attention on a few local vendor shows in our area.  We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of items we sold and also at the amount of custom orders that flowed in immediately following each event.  Below are some images of items we created, and also some of the custom orders we filled for our new customers.  We have a very limited supply of holiday items remaining to be sold and we have recently listed them on facebook marketplace in hopes of making a few local sales here in Land O’ Lakes, FL.  We still have a few custom orders to fill and then it is time to focus efforts on getting my online storefront up and running while continuing to make unique pieces on our CNC machine and 3D printers.

Website development is officially in-progress

Building this business while the family is sleeping!

Up late working on this newly installed WordPress site while watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game and filling custom orders.  My 3D printer is working overtime, spitting out some new custom creations for a fellow entrepreneur!

Wondering if this shop-junkie has the tech skills to handle website design and web hosting?

No worries, I’ve got this!  You should know that I have been creating custom HTML, Joomla, and most recently WordPress websites for well over 15 years so I expect to get through this initial site development stage quite quickly.  For those interested in doing the same for your business, below is a quick breakdown of my process.

Register your domain name and purchase a web hosting package

  • I suggest starting with a shared web hosting package from a reliable hosting provider.
    • A Linux cpanel-based hosting package is a must for me, as it has all tools I need to quickly get a WordPress site up and running in short time.
  • Setup your domain name in your hosting cpanel
  • Install WordPress and associate it with your new domain name during the installation process.
    • If your hosting provider has an installation tool for WordPress instances, this is all very self-explainatory and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Begin design of your WordPress site, or get a jump start on the process by using a WordPress template.
    • There are many of free templates available within WordPress, and of course there are plenty of templates and themes available for purchase online.

If you are looking to have a web-design veteran handle these items for you, reach out to me at for assistance!